Jamie Sparks
Licensed Massage and Body Work Therapist


Loved ones LOVE massage!
What a treat-your gift certificate can be mailed, picked up or sent via email. 

What a wonderful gift to offer your loved ones for the holidays! 
You can purchase single massages or packages as a gift certificate.   
Please inquire for details.  
I would be honored to support your loved ones with this gift of self care and nurture. 




PURCHASE 12 MASSAGES FOR $735 (best deal)












See 75 minute package prices below

Can adjust prices for deep tissue massage!

**package prices are for Western NC residents only 


Integrative massage-a balanced and intuitive massage offering a blend of massage modalities that are therapeutic and relaxing by nature. A massage to support a sense of renewal and balance.  

60 minute massage     $75   (see packages above*)                   

75 minute massage  $85  (packages for 75 minute massages-$245, $480 and $900*)

90 minute massage       $100  (see packages above*)                           

120 minute massage     $115                               

Full body deep tissue      A deeper massage to alleviate deeper tension in the body.  Add $10 to any service

Hot stone massage  Hot basalt stones will be used to warm and work the muscles.  Hot stones adds a deep and grounding experience.  Add $15 to any service (must be at least 75 minute massage)

Pamper package This is the icing on the cake.  Pampering all the way.  Aromatherapy blended specifically for you, hot towels will wrap and warm your body, while aromas will be used in your towels and in your massage oil.  An array of warm rocks will be placed on your body to further ground and relax you.  Perfect addition for special occasions, or just because you deserve it.  Add $20 to any package


massage at your home    I will bring the massage to you!  I bring my table and all other amenities for you to enjoy your massage within   the comforts of your home.  Please inquire for in home massage prices. 

couples massage             An opportunity for you and your partner, sister, parent or other loved ones to receive a                                               massage in the same room at the same time - a fun and healing experience!    

aromatherapy       A custom blend of oils made just for you and what you need that day.  These essential oils are added to                          the massage oil, hot towels and fill the room to help you reach the desire state of being.  $10

salt/sugar scrub               A blend of essential oils and salts or sugars used to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.  Greatly helps to                                                     increase your circulation and removed dead skin cells.  This can be added to any of the above services.   You                                             will be amazed at how soft and alive your skin will feel.  $15                                                           

special events                 Offering chair or table massage for your work conference, ladies day out, reunion and employee gratitude days.   I can come alone or with the number of therapist needed to meet the needs of your special event.                                contact me with your needs so that we may create what works best for your event's needs.  

Gift certificates               Beautifully made gift certificates can be purchased for any of the above services or create your own package!  A      thoughtful and wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one.    Can be emailed, mailed or picked up by you!

*packages are honored for one year from purchase.  refunds are offered under special circumstances at the normal price of a massage.  package price is honored only when that number of massages is received.  


More on herbal products, education and shares on the website of HERBAN FARMACY

Offering an array of organic, tinctures and oils locally made and harvested.   

These can be mailed to you anywhere in the United States or if you are nearby, I can usually get them to you.  Just email me (email in the contact information)


Elderberry Syrup- This is my favorite winter health formula.  A yummy antiviral that is great for colds and flus.  You can also put a dropperful in your water daily, to help keep you healthy.  I have tried many syrups and I think mine is by far the yummiest!  

St. John's Wort Oil-This oil is a beautiful red color and is great for muscle pain and trauma.  Energetically a protector. 

Birch tincture-Not only does this tincture taste delicious, it is also a favorite of mine for inflammation and muscle pain. Take it on its own or in combination with pedicularis

Pedicularis tincture-One of my favorites for musco-skeletal pain.  I like to take it at night for muscle pain.  Does not tend to create morning drowsiness, which I find many other pharmaceuticals to cause.

Formulas created to meet your needs

Please ask for what you need.  It is likely I have it.  Don't know what you need?  I can help!  We can work together to find out your healing goals and come up with formulas, teas and nutritional aids that will help bring you towards your most vital self!   


 "Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos-the trees, the clouds, everything"

 Thich Nhat Hanh

 *Massage Specials do not apply with other offers.  Must be used within 1 year of date of purchase.  



Offering, private, semi-private and corporate yoga classes.  Healing and gratitude packages of massage and yoga offered for your business, neighborhood or individual self. 

Private classes are a great way to develop a home practice and to have many of your questions about yoga answered. Also, it is a great way to learn alignment of postures that works for your unique body.   

Offering, beginner, vinyasa, gentle, partner yoga and acrobatic yoga classes, series and workshops.   

Community yoga workshops offered for businesses, events and other groups- this will help to bring your staff together in a holistic and fun way.  This fun community minded yoga can help to set a tone, create connection within a  group and is a wonderful way to start or end an event or day.  

Contact Jamie at dansinglotus@yahoo.com for details and to arrange your yoga class!