Jamie Sparks
Licensed Massage and Body Work Therapist



  1. What is an herbal consultation?

    This is about an hour long session, where we review the health history forms (that would be sent it advance), your goals, and the challenges that addres the root issues.  We then would work to  create a plan that will best aid in your healing.  This may include adjustments to your diet, lifestyle and habits, while also incorporating various herbs and foods.   Formulas can be made specifically for you by me or you may purchase the suggestions elsewhere.  We can address both acute and chronic issues.  

  2. Where do your herbs come from?

    I wildcraft herbs from larger stands around the Asheville area, as well as grow my own.  On occasion I purchase my herbs from organic and reputable suppliers, mostly Mountain Rose.  I use organic grain alchohol and local honey.  I  believe in our healing and the healing of the planet and do my best to create products that honor that belief.  

  3. May I order herbs/herbal formulas without a consultation?

    Absolutely!  Please contact me with your needs and I will do my best to accomodate.  I mostly offer herbs in tincture form.  Some common herbs- that folks are interested in are Elderberry Syrup (anti-viral and immunity support for cold and flu season-even kids like the taste), Pedicularis-Birch blend (for muscle pain and tension...tastes yummy too) and St John's Wort Oil (beautiful red oil that aids in healing topically for muscle strain and sprain, as well as being a protector).  

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  1. What do I need to do to prepare for a massage?

    Relax!  Remember this time is for you.  Gently identify your goals.  Notice if you are mostly interested in relaxation, deep movement, nurturing or something else.  Try to avoid eating right before the massage.  I suggest avoid eating within an hour of the massage.  Be aware of any details you may need to share with me, as your therapist.  Such things as injuries, tender areas, or surgeries. Also, if you have any specific goals, both physical and energetic, please let me know.  If you know ahead of time, please call or email me, so I can sit with different blends and herbs to use in your massage.   If you are feeling ill, please do call me and we will reschedule for when you are again feeling well.  

  2. What can I expect during a massage?

    A massage for the agreed upon duration includes a brief review of your goals and focus needs.  I will give you time alone to get comfortable on the massage table under the sheets.  I offer swedish and integrative massage, which may include a variety of modalities, based upon your goals and my intuition.  I offer massage  with the intention of supporting a safe place for your healing.  

  3. How will I feel after a massage?

    It very much depends on your goals.  You may feel rejuvenated, energized, more body aware, more loose, more tender, spacy or blissed out.  Remember, "our issues are in our tissues" and this may come out as areas are worked through.  This is to be determined by you and your body.  I am honored to offer the space and work to facilitate what your healing needs are.  

  4. How should I care for myself after my massage?

    Massage can flush out many toxins.  Some people don't feel this, where as others may feel sore muscles or flu like symptoms,  Others may feel fantastic.  The best way to extend the benefits of your massage and honor the healing work you have done is by drinking plenty of water.  It is also recommended that you enjoy a hot bath (preferably with epsom salts) or at least a hot shower.  Be gentle with yourself.  Give yourself some time to be still and relax, so as to integrate the massage more fully and deeply into your body.  

  5. What if I feel like I am getting a sickness?

    Reschedule.  Massage is not recommended when you are ill or feel like you maying be coming down with an illness.  Massage can flush toxins out of your body.  If you are already compromised in health, this can be hard on the body. It is also important to keep from spreading viruses and illnesses to me or other clients.  

  6. Do you make housecalls?

    YES!  I am more than happy to bring massage to you.  I can load my massage table and bring it to your home.  Can offer a lot of convenience to a busy schedule.  I also make housecalls for group events.  For example, bachelorette party, holiday family time (Christmas, Thanksgiving) and other events that you are inspired to have massage offered for.  

  7. What if I am running late?

    If you are late, please do call, so I know that you are on your way.  You will be responsible for payment of your entire service and I will offer you as much of that time as I can.  If another client is not scheduled after you, we may be able to extend your service time.  

    On the rare occasion that I am late, you will still receive your full service or have the option to pay for the amount of time that can be offered.  

  8. What is your cancellation policy?

    I must receive your cancellation 24 hours in advance by phone at 828-230-9834.  Any later than that will be subject to a $30 service charge.  No shows are responsible for the full amount of the service.  Please understand this is to honor and respect your time, my time and clients who are scheduled after you or who may have also desired that time frame.  Special circumstances, are of course considered.  

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