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Meditation in your daily life

Posted by Jamie Sparks on February 19, 2012 at 11:45 PM

So, I initially started writing these particular blog entries, to inspire my regular yoga students to come to yoga class at its normal start time, even though, for a 2 month period, I would be arriving 15 minutes later.  "What a perfect way to begin inspiring and sharing meditiation!" I thought to myself.  In a class just over an hour in a gym setting, where there are always brand new to yoga folks to a variety of years of experiences, it is challenging to create a a class that creates great foundation and also appeals to all levels.  And it seems one thing that often gets lost in a setting where you can hear the children in the adjoining room, doors are opening and closing, announcements are made over a PA system and many other distractions.....is the meditation.  And probably what would help quiet that outside noise the most, is the meditation.  As I have been writing these entries, I realized there isn't a lot I have to say about meditation.  This isn't for a lack of belief or lack of experience.  More that, I feel it is effective.  At least for me.  And feels great to bring into a daily routine.  There are only so many meditations to offer.   And personally, I like to stick with the same theme for extended amounts of time with very little deviation.  Why change what seems to work?  Is it to keep the mind from getting board?  Aha!  Meditation helps to quiet that mind that wants to reach for this thought and that thought.  Try this new thing and that new thing.  I realized the reminder in this writing is to keep it simple.  Go with what you know (or have recently learned) and just be there.  Be with the breath.  Be with observation.  Choose one of the simple meditations that I have offered throughout these blogs, or one of your one choice and resonance.  Stick with it and observe the effects.  Quiet the mind and the cravings for "more" or "new" or "broken record" or whatever it might be for you.  

Here are some interesting bits of information that I wanted to share about meditation.  None of these guidelines are hard and fast rules and they can help to fuel or inspire you as you culivate a more regular meditation routine.  


Here I will also offer yet another simple basic meditation from yoga journal:  http://www.yogajournal.com/practice/2600?page=2.  You may notice some simlarities between many of the meditations I posted.  Most of them are starting with basic techniques to quiet the mind and focus inward.  That is enough.  Give yourself that.  Even if it is 5 minutes a day.  

Enjoy the stillness!

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